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Matching talent to opportunity:


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  • Regardless of the project size, nature of the tasks or specific customer requirements, we, at ECM Space Consulting, can always be relied upon to deliver high-quality service to our clients.

  • We are a global professional services company that offers a broad range of staffing, delivery, education and project management solutions to both top-ranking and growing businesses in the IT and engineering industry.

  • In 2018, we opened our North American division, ECM Space Consulting, to assist our customers in acquiring high-level positions in IT through the use of leading industry practices.

We are proud


  • A stable and highly reputable partner, boasting a successful track record of projects with government organizations and top corporations worldwide.

  • IT/Aerospace company owned and led by a woman.

  • Our potential for growth is assured by our parent companies, who are renowned leaders in the European market.

  • Global Project Experts

  • We're a Canadian company with roots in Europe and over 20 years of collective expertise.


  • Big Data & BI & AI & DB

  • IT Infrastructure & Virtualization

  • ERP (SAP & MS)

  • Aerospace engineering

  • Project management


  • Project Staffing | Staff leasing

    Project Staffing | Staff leasing

    Sourcing and contractual work including onboarding process.

  • Recruitment for IT and Aerospace

    Recruitment for IT and Aerospace
    • Sourcing: we use an internal AI recruitment platform to make search and selection fast and engage a bigger candidate pipeline. We provide as many resumes as needed.

    • Interviewing: initial interviews with potential candidates to assess their skills and suitability for the role. ECM Space can use technical tests developed for the most popular technologies if needed.

    • Onboarding: assist with onboarding, including criminal, employment references, social media, and education checks.

  • Relocation


    Support with work permit acquisition ( talent programs and stream evaluation).



Transparent costs without disputes about spent time and money.

(full transparency of the costs. Customers manage the final costs by themselves)


Unique' Try & Buy' model

(the guaranteed smooth transition on the client's boarding after the trial period)


Ability to work within client budget


Multilingual staff

(The best choice between clients' office or one of our dedicated development centers which host in 13 countries worldwide). The professional multilingual team in different locations (the EU/Canada/USA and LATAM)


Free of charge pilot project


Connections with Universities, research centers, and professional communities


Broad experience in IT/Engeneering


International projects


Quick access to additional resources in short term




Bill Thomas

Our partnership with Ekleft began in 2015 and it was instrumental for the organic growth for the company. Ekleft identified top IT talent in Bulgaria as well as internationally which following a robust recruitment process were hired by KPMG. The services provided by Ekleft in compliance with our MSA established a successful partnership lasting until today.

Avigal Soreq
Delek US

During our successful partnership, Delek US and ECM Team managed to develop a strong relationship. I value the commitment of the ECM Team to the resourcing process, their willingness to assist and partner with us. Employees of ECM Team are always extremely quick in their response and this is something I find very important – they provide real answers, thorough feedback, follow up with the right information, and updates in an extremely efficient and mutually beneficial manner.

Ola Källenius

I worked with the Ekleft (ECM) team in Turkey. They helped to fulfill the needs of our SAP delivery center in Istanbul. Ekleft always built a positive dialogue with the customer and had a high-level commitment to the resource process and changing demands. The Ekleft (ECM) team willing to assist and be a partner demonstrating a good knowledge of the labor market was valuable

Sam Collicott
Aerospace & Defence

I am happy to recommend ECM and their student center program. The students have helped us with wonderful creative images, social media templates, and videos that we can share with our customers on various platforms and in customer meetings. Some of the items that the students created included LinkedIn Banners, a “We’re hiring” video and “Company introduction” video. They worked with us on revisions based on our feedback, updating the creative and images to fit with our company brand and colors.

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